Spaces & Facilities


The top residential course venue in Languedoc, south of France

La Maison Verte is the perfect place for residential courses of all kinds in Languedoc, southern France. Whether you teach yoga, jazz, French, singing, tango or meditation, if you want to run a course in the south of France, we have a wide variety of facilities and accommodation which will suit your needs.

Rehearsal Room (and performance space)

A tractor barn (typical of the Languedoc region) has been beautifully converted by the previous owners (sculptor Teddy Hutton and his wife, furniture maker Nicola Russell) as a vast rehearsal/workshop space with large windows overlooking the courtyard. It comprises the following:

  • 85m2 of unobstructed space
  • A well sound-proofed and acoustically-tested ceiling
  • A fine terracotta tiled floor
  • Two shower/wc rooms
  • A store room
  • Bright spotlights (valuable when the rehearsal room doubles as a performance space)
  • 12 large trestle tables
  • 60 fold away chairs
  • Yoga mats
  • 2 electronic pianos

In the past year, the rehearsal room has been used for jazz performances, singing workshops, tapdancing, painting workshops, an exhibition space, concert venue, yoga studio and of course parties and dinners. In the past it has also hosted theatre rehearsals, cabaret and tango workshops. Performances attract audiences from across the Languedoc region of the South of France.


The Wine Barn

La Maison Verte used to be a Languedoc wine mansion, and the old wine barn, where the wine was once made and stored in enormous oak barrels and storage tanks, remains completely intact (cuves and all). It is now a multi purpose 90m2 wide-open space (with the great traditional arched entrance), and is used by us now in a number of different ways:

  • A large workshop area particularly good on hot days for painting and singing
  • A semi-alfresco dining room. Many course organisers, particularly in high season, prefer to set out meals in the shade of the barn rather than the bright sunshine. And on the rare occasions that it is raining, it provides good cover without losing sight of the garden. It also lends itself well to quiet evening chats after most sensible course participants have gone to bed!
  • An additional performance space

The Big Sitting Room

Originally two rooms, the big sitting room is a beautiful 55m2 multipurpose space. It has a huge fire place, vast windows giving a view of the garden and pool, and a fantastic old terracotta tiled floor. Here are some of the uses residential courses have put it to:

  • Breakfast room: the room can seat at least 20 people at any one time for breakfast, but we usually find on larger residential courses that people to choose to eat breakfast in the garden, or in shifts
  • Additional rehearsal space: it has a good acoustic, and is particularly good for music: jazz, opera, and Renaissance polyphony have often been rehearsed in this space by residential courses
  • Dining room for formal suppers
  • Cosy fireside chats: we have comfy sofas and chairs around the fire, which on chilly, late season evenings hug the fireplace to everyone’s delight
  • Break out space for discussion groups

The Kitchen

La Maison Verte does not provide catering for residential courses, but we have a number of ways of helping course organisers feed groups. We have a list of great chefs who live locally, who are good at sourcing the freshest local food and can cater to your choice of diet: traditional country food from the south of France or cordon bleu, whichever you prefer. You simply choose one you would like to work with and they will come in every day to cook for your group. Prices are very reasonable. And we have a well-stocked kitchen (2 ovens, 2 dishwashers, 3 fridge freezers etc) in the main house for them to use.

Or you could cook for yourselves. Many smaller groups in particular find that cooking a group meal is both cheap, and good for group bonding…