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Verte Musique ‐ Singing courses or Group tuition with Francis Steele

La Maison Verte’s owners, Anne Roberts and Francis Steele, run courses in Renaissance singing under the banner title ‘Verte Musique’. This also acts as an umbrella title for some other concerts presented by us at La Maison Verte.

There are three ways you can participate in Verte Musique activities

  • Tuition for your own group/choir residencies/short tours
  • Bring your own, pre-existing consort to work on repertoire with Francis Steele
  • Join in one of our own courses:  this year we have one:
    • Fifth International Chamber Choir Week with Will Dawes and Francis Steele from 12 – 19 August (course fee 525 euros, plus accommodation at a cost of between 95 and 390 euros per week)

Francis is musical director of Verte Musique and was, for thirty years, a professional vocalist, singing bass for such groups as The Tallis Scholars and The Sixteen. Since 2003 he has developed a worldwide reputation as a vocal group coach/tutor and has also produced many CDs. He enjoys working with less experienced singers as much as with professionals.

Tuition for your own Group/Choir residencies

You can bring your group or choir to work on your own repertoire with Francis Steele or use his miraculous library of Renaissance music. The aim of such a week might be simply to explore or rehearse repertoire, but it could also be focussed on putting together a concert performance or recording a CD which Francis could help you produce.

If you would like to do this, contact us via this website, letting us know how many people you would like to bring, what you would like to work on, and when (we may be able to tailor dates to suit you): we will then quote you a price for accommodation and food.

Join one of the Verte Musique Courses

Fifth International Chamber Choir Workshop – 12-19 August 2017

with Will Dawes and Francis Steele

This is a week for enthusiastic choral singers. The repertoire will be taken from 600 years of great choral music; a rich and beautiful selection from the medieval, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, and 20th century periods through to the present day. Bach to MacMillan and beyond. Normally you will be singing 2-6 to a part; however sometimes we might divide into smaller groups to explore the strengths of the singers we have and to give us flexibility with repertoire. We will send you the music to you in advance, so you have a chance to learn your notes beforehand. The full repertoire list will be available at the end of March and can be seen this page. There will be plenty of optional singing sessions in the evenings and afternoons too for those who want low pressure opportunities to improve sight-singing skills.

Will Dawes is the director of music at Somerville College Oxford, Frideswide (the ground-breaking liturgical girls’ choir), Ludus Baroque, Ensemble 45, and the choir of St Mary Magdalen Oxford. He is also a professional singer and performs frequently with the Gabrielli Consort, Polyphony and Stile Antico, one of the most renowned young groups touring today; Will is in demand as a solo performer too.

La Maison Verte provides the perfect backdrop for these weeks of musical, culinary and social immersion. It is an old wine mansion in the heart of the Languedoc countryside, yet situated centrally enough for us to enjoy village life. La Maison Verte has a swimming pool, rehearsal spaces, and a large, beautiful garden.

We use local chefs who enjoy preparing traditional Languedoc dishes as well as more exotic fare so that we can savour the best of Southern French cuisine. We’ll be providing local wine, free of charge, with your evening meal.

The fee for the course is €525. This includes :

– Use of all facilities at La Maison Verte
– Loan of music
– Three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and supper)
– Free wine with lunch and evening meal
– Up to 6 hours tuition a day
– Additional informal singing in the evening
– Access to the tutors at all times for individual vocal advice
– A public performance at the end

Accommodation at La Maison Verte is charged separately and we have a wide range of options to suit all prices ranges. Please contact Anne on for options.

Non-singing partners are welcome and are charged for accommodation plus 225 euros for food. Children cannot be accommodated.

This is a beautiful place, and has been a great experience. Thank you for your inspiration and help.”

“Great music, great musicians, great patience, great organisation, GREAT WEEK”.

“Flaubert was mistaken when he said that the only things which made life worth living were Shakespeare, Mozart’s Don Giovanni and the sea; he had obviously never been to La Maison Verte”.

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